High level exhaust pipes and silencers Sept 2018

Bjorn in Norway has a 500 Bronze Wing (that's about 3 or 4 known worldwide including mine), but it is without exhausts and silencers. He twisted my arm to get some copies of my pipes and silencers made, so I had to build up a carcass for the pipe people to work from. I couldn't be bothered to put the front end on, so I knocked up a platform so that it could be pushed around on a mini skateboard, only to find out that the skateboard wobbled (too old to have intimate knowledge of skateboards) - so the skateboard grew stabilisers!

Should be fine for the pipe people to work from.

Old pipe with new silencer - damn good fit considering it is the 1st time it's been thrown together

1932 Photo

As well as locating parts on fleabay, period photos occasionally turn up.

This one has "July 1932" handwritten on the reverse, along with someone's initials - no doubt the dapper gent in the photo. Unfortunately I've no idea who the gent is, or where it is taken. Detail isn't too clear - it is definitely ohv, it has the smaller diameter brakes, so it is either a 350 ohv or a 1932 season 500 (with Burman gearbox concealed beneath the covers). After another look, there is an external oil drain tube at the front of the engine, returning oil from the rocker boxes to the crankcase oil tank, so it is a 1932 500 ohv.

Wonder if he turned the flat cap round whilst riding, like all the boy racers of the time?