More to come

Just a reminder of where/how it all started.


Cudworth, near Barnsley, sometime in 1977

Spotted at Skipton June 2018

I took a ride over to Skipton last weekend to a Girder Fork & Classic Motorcycle club event - Big Bike Sunday at Skipton Auction Market. Glorious wall to wall sunshine all day - the ice cream sales must have been through the roof! I usually go along to see what early stuff has turned out - I rode the 1912 model 160 over to it last year.

As the 160 is still recovering from rear wheel issues, I rode the Bullet over this time. I came across this, belonging to David - I believe he'd crossed the border successfully to get there (despite Yorkshire having borders with a number of counties, there is only ever one border of significance - Lancashire).

The bike is a late model, with instruments in the headlamp ('37 models had a small panel in the petrol tank that held the light switch and ammeter). Check out that exhaust system - separate pipes into separate silencers - it sounded very nice, and mechanically a quiet engine, devoid of rattles and slaps. The standard system is a 2 into 1 pipe, with Enfield using 2 different shapes of silencer, depending on the year of the bike (the old site has more info on these).

David's 1939 KX with hand clutch and separate exhaust system.