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Christmas morning ride out

Carried over from December 2017

Time for a ride soon Mar 2018

After the heaviest fall (and lie) of snow we've seen for a good few years, it's all but gone. Quite unusual for us to get 8" (200mm). Just a bit left behind the dry stone walls at the other side of the valley, protected from the still watery sun. Hopefully a bit of warmer, drier weather just around the corner, but need the salt to be washed off the roads before I venture out.

1st ride of the season (before the next snow) Mar 2018

Gazing into the afternoon sun

Today (Sunday) dawned with glorious sunshine, after a sharp frost. The local bike club was going out to the west coast with a 10am kick off. I stayed in bed 'till a civilised time, pottered around, and went for a ride in the afternoon instead. 2 foreign interlopers in this shot - the Yamaha Virago (which is nearly vintage), and the missus (who definitely is)! This is the Leeds-Liverpool canal, at a bridging point nearer to Leeds than Liverpool.

I won't give the exact location, but if we had taken a shot in the other direction, I could have captured the river XXXX running UNDER the canal, but due to differences in level/height, it wouldn't have been possible to get the bikes in as well.

End of the riding season? Nov 2018

Despite the UK having one of the best summers for years (and me being retired!), the Bullet hasn't put many miles on this year. Very few excuses, except from September onwards (coinciding with some frantic wire brushing on the Harrison leadscrew and other components), I suffered a bout of 'tennis elbow' (I assume it's a specific form of RSI) that meant I couldn't operate the clutch lever on the Bullet. It's always had a heavy operation, as I run the 4 plate version with 6 springs, so more than one or 2 gear changes resulted in severe pain in my forearm and elbow, that damn near had me in tears!

I left the bike alone for a month, before I dared attempt a 30 mile round trip to the VMCC pub meeting in October.

Luckily, the ancient Enfield could be ridden in the Sept and October rallies as there is no clutch lever to speak of!

Must do better next year (although if we get a couple of good days this back end, I will try to get out before the salt is spread all over).

Heading for the clouds? Dec 2018

Well, Christmas Day was cold and wet so I stayed in watching kid's telly in the afternoon. I just don't do cold and wet these days - unless I get caught out in it. Today (26th, Boxing Day) was a better forecast - still not brilliant, but 10C and dry, so after a late morning walk with SWMBO, I dragged the bike out, put a pair of Long Johns on under my jeans (helps prevent knees from creaking these days), and off we went.

On the road up to Beamsley Beacon

One of my favourite routes/areas is around Beamsley Beacon between Harrogate and Skipton, but today was't the best, low cloud obscuring the top. Still, a nice ride out, empty roads (relatively), and managed to blow out a few cobwebs.

People can be seen walking up the incline on the right, and just before I found a decent place to park the bike/take the photo, there was a Red Kite (feathered variety) gracefully soaring along the airwaves. A lot of the roads I travelled were damp single track, with passing places, cattle grids, free range sheep, mud, sheep poo, mascerated leaves etc, so cornering was a sedate exercise, undertaken with care.

A little local history fact - the beacon gets it's name from the beacon site that was used in the Napoleonic wars. Some debate/doubt exists as to whether it had any earlier use (such as warning of the Spanish Armada). The hill is evidently known as Howber Hill.